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Welcome to “Ayurveda- Paradise- Maho

ayurveda paradise maho

  Welcome to “Ayurveda- Paradise- Maho”, The New era of “Ayurveda Kuren Maho” & Hotel Yapahuwa Paradise, operating since Year of 2002, We are located centrally to the most visited attractions in Sri Lanka and blessed with a serene environment suitable for a holistic holiday and ideal location for traditional Ayurveda treatments. There are no Highways – no traffic noise. So you can have success of treatments and relaxation. The air is pure and rich with unpolluted fresh air. It does not deposit salt crystals in your skin like beach hotels, which prevent the Ayurvedic oils go deeply in to your skin.

Ayurveda is a licensed health resort (Under the Name of Ayurveda Kurklinik Maho) in Sri Lanka, registered with department of ayurveda. The peaceful atmosphere in the unique tropical parkland with shady, ancient margosa ,mango and varies herbal trees and three lakes is only enlivened by the singing of many native birds. Everyone can switch off here and leave the sometimes heavy burden of everyday life behind for a while .This is the ideal place for a truly classic Ayurvedic treatment with long-term positive effects. It’s no coincidence that over 80% of our guests return.


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Ayurveda the science of life, which uses the inherent principles of nature to help maintain health in a person by keeping body, mind & spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature,

Indulge in the range of Ayurveda treatments which are specially designed to pamper & rejuvenate. Soothing & invigorating treatments that have been passed on with Ayurveda you to enjoy complete rejuvenation & refreshment of your senses,Our Well Professional Team of Ayurvedic Treatments will ensure that you receive the very best of our own signature treatments over & beyond the expectations.

According to the specialists of Ayurveda ,Sea Breeze is not healthy for utilize the results of Ayurvedic Treatments but “Maho” calming and healthy sun shining environment is the best place for Ayurveda , It has been proved from the Guests comments and attractions was in Last previous years.

We are also inviting you to experience with our unique Ayurvedic and make of the different.




We suggest:

If you would like a straightforward beach holiday, then the coast is the place for you outside of the monsoon season.

For classic and traditional Ayurvedic treatments, you should come inland instead.If you are seeking both,and then head for the coast after your stay at the Ayurveda hotel.A selection of interesting offers can be found under Package #2 on our "Special Offers" page.

With its free-standing apartments and bungalows nestled amidst natural surrounds, far from the hustle and bustle of the coast, the Ayurveda hotel is primarily popular with older guests with a special interest in preserving their level of fitness and stable health and who consider these the most important assets in life.